Why I Started My Journey As A Copywriter?

It’s Been 3 Years of my job life.

I started my BSc program in Computer Science Engineering with my own decision and was admitted to an average rating university in my city.

As I belong to a middle-class family I never wanted to make more burden for my family. So I never pushed my family to admit this little girl to a top-rated Private university.

Yes! I sacrificed slightly but I never stop dreaming of developing my skillset and I never compromised to learn anything that I love.

Before talking about my journey as a copywriter I’m starting with the very beginning of my “job seeking hardship”

After finishing my graduation it’s quite tough to get a good job in my city. 

Because of experience they except for any post and as I already made a mistake to finish my total project without doing an internship, it was a really hard time for me.

My Ultimate Hardship After Graduation

I wasn’t a good student to be very honest!

But when it’s about technology, revolutions, latest news on earth, that actually always made me think deeply.

For gaining experience I started my career journey in a startup company but the salary range and my mental satisfaction were never meet in the “happiness line”. 

But I worked there because I wanted to gain some knowledge about official life, work schedule and everything related to Work-after-Graduation!!!!

My Ex-Boss Found My Ultimate Creativity for Copywriting

From my very first job life I initially worked as an Editor and after 3 or 4 months I got promoted and start as a Front-end developer.

I started to enjoy my work a little bit, But still, I wasn’t very clear about the career that I wanted for myself.

During developing my client WordPress site my boss told me that you got some creativity about writing. I read your post on social media. You can start content writing. Do you know Neil Patel?

I said no!

Then He said, from today start knowing about him, starts following his youtube video, he talks about digital marketing. Start learning from his content. It will be better for you!

The day made me know something very new in my world. I knead the name “Content Writing”

And I start learning from Myself.

But I’m always thankful for my ex-boss that from him, I have learned a lot!

Not only is it’s about my career path, I actually learned some great attitude from him.

Got Rejected From My Very First Copywriting Job

As I start learning from the youtube videos, I can write things, I got some overconfidence and that was absolutely ruined my emotion.

At the same time, the offer for this post was too early before becoming an expert.

I joined an international company as an SEO Content Strategist and after 5 days they terminate me from their place.

I felt heartbroken but at the same time, I was ok because it’s normal when you can’t prove your work to someone, they will sack you anytime they want!

And that was a learning for me too!

I was so freaking curious about copywriting and I start learning more about this sector.

Trust me, in my childhood, I actually wrote so many poems and stories that always make me feel I need to start anything related to this type of work and it was a dream for me to publish any of my storybooks in the future!

I Got An International Client After 15 days of My Termination

Once after my termination, a friend of mine asked me if I know copywriting one of his clients want to hire me for his project. Initially, I was nervous!

Because I already got a bad impression for any international client. I was preparing myself for any native job sector only.

But I took the challenge and they loved my writing.

Yes! That moment I got instant joy that I proved myself this time!!!!

However, during this project time, I also got another opportunity in my city as a full-time SEO Content Writer.

Starting my full-time job as a copywriter makes me super cool as I chose what I love to do.

In the meantime, I start to learn many more!!!

I got to know about Alex Cattoni, the copy Queen in the world.

I learned about email marketing, Content writing, social media post strategy, website content, Pdf copy, landing page, and many more!!!

And the journey as a copywriter is still running in 2021 too!

Learning In My Life As a Copywriter

Remember the story of my termination?

I took the growing place before my learning about copywriting.

Look, if you can write a social media post in readable English, that doesn’t mean you’re ready to rock your chair as a copywriter.

I was not even ready for that. So I was rejected.

If you are facing the same situation, that can break your confidence like it broke the way for me, I started to ask myself “Am i really can write things? If i, then why i got rejection!”

Look A copywriter or a content writer has to write things that they make the conversion with her writing!

If your writing has no action, that will never make sustain any business. So writing for conversion is really hard than writing a random social media caption.

So, what’s important when someone wants to start a journey as a copywriter?

  • Do more research before writing
  • Add more interest
  • Make actionable headline
  • Treat Your Audience with some value
  • Tell story
  • Amaze your audience to read your copy
  • Know about the Copywriting tools
  • Start building a habit to write up 10 lines each day
  • Learn about SEO and Keyword research if you want to start as a full-time blogger

How I’m Rocking My Career As A Copywriter?

As a Full-time blogger and Full-time employee in a leading company In Bangladesh named CareersHub Bangladesh, Grow with hemi, and an Australian company named Digital Entrepreneur Hub I also have some clients for whom I write copy for their business.

I don’t want to talk about the earning because that absolutely vary on my work schedule. But a copywriter who works for 15 to 16 hours a day, can easily earn more than $100.

But Obviously, everything will depend on your clients, your job life, and your dedication.

Such as I sacrificed again to build my own brand so I rejected some of my client’s work that was really stressful for me.

As I start learning SEO and digital marketing too, so take some breaks for my future grow up.

Listen future copywriter out there, you absolutely can rock in any freelance platform if you can prove your capability inside your client mind. 

Encourage yourself to make something better, take time to develop your skill, if that take 1-2 years, please never consider growing in a long run.

If you start to google to know about growing possibilities as a copywriter, you’ll definitely get the positive thing inside the internet.

And that’s not spam!

Copywriters are growing with a high-demand working sector every day because digital businesses are booming!

So, if you took the decision to start a journey as a copywriter then, you’re on right track.

Try to learn from experts and know about their experience before getting hired for this position. That will be more beneficial for you to rock!

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