Top 5 Women Digital Entrepreneur In Australia

Plant lots and lots of seeds, and hopefully, one will pay off
– Melanie Perkins(CEO & Co-founder of Canva)

If you want to be successful, try to be unique!

Be unique doesn’t mean you need to be totally different; Be unique means you need to present each of things differently. 

Are you happy with your 9-5 job life? Maybe we all are facing the same stage. 

We don’t love to continue our job, but we want financial freedom; we want money, live lavishly, and want fame.

Being financially stable is everyone’s dream, but some people think bigger than our imagination.

How can a person fulfill their dream, and without working, how can we get our financial freedom?

No doubt! You can build your own identity by building your own business.

Everyone wants to build their own empire. Starting your business is cool! But starting it without a proper direction is difficult. 

Women Digital Entrepreneur & BOSS GIRL

Every day a huge number of women explore their business digitally. The number of women-owned businesses grew 58% between 2007-2018, according to the American Express 2018 State of Women-Owned Business, compared with 12% for all businesses. Some 2,000 new women-owned businesses are started every day.

According to a study, the percentage of women entrepreneurs in Australia is very low. It’s around 3%. An online business platform Flippa start to register the space for women business owners, and they are shocked and see that the percentage is just 3%.

Though all of us know that back then 20’s women were the most neglected about business, job, independence, freedom. 

But is the scenario express the same about women?

No! The percentage is rising day by day. Women are more enthusiastic about making their own identity inside the world. And Australian women’s entrepreneurs are really moving with a great vibe.

Back then, the time when there was a limited scope to expand business digitally, suppose the speed of internet we get now, wasn’t the same at the very beginning. Same as the social platform, website, and others.

But if we follow the same thing about business, every second, a person searches for their preferred store online. So how many of your businesses meet the online presence?

Yeah, I know your answer. But girls, it’s the time to focus on vision and transform your business presence not online traditionally but also the presence that should be online.

Why Is Digital Marketing Important For A Woman?

Not only for women but for everyone, digital marketing is a must. Our business strategy is turning their motive every day.  If you read some case studies, you will know that the women in Europe, the USA even Asian women are starting their business or continuing their business digitally. But why?

The reason is very simple. You have to drive anything for future success.

Suppose your traditional business is running like crazy, but suddenly, another woman starts the same business besides your store. And the woman smartly promotes her business on social media.
People will definitely start searching for her store on social site or website, and if that person daily update and maintain those platform actively, you will see that the women will achieve something more than you.

Why Is Digital Transformation Is Important?

Digital marketing or online presence can change the whole business play, system, process, workflow, and culture. This transformation affects each organization and brings a new vibe to any business.

Benefits of digital transformation in business-

  • Greater resource management
  • Better customer experience
  • Increased profits
  • Improved collaboration
  • Anytime access

Here I’m going to share about those women who drive their business in Australia with fulfillment and lots of success. Let’s start with the success story.

Melanie Perkins

Melanie Perkins is an Australian technology entrepreneur and co-founder of Canva. She is one of the youngest female CEO of a tech start-up valued at over $1 billion. The Canva journey began back in 2007 when Melanie Perkins was studying at the University of Western Australia. Melanie taught students how to use programs such as InDesign and Photoshop — programs that people found hard to learn and even harder to use. 

Katie Page 

Katie Page is an Australian business executive and the CEO of retailer Harvey Norman . In 2015, she was ranked fourth out of 50 on “50 most powerful women in business”.  Katie is also an active backer of several professional sports. In 2004, Katie was the first woman to be elected to the board of the National Rugby League (NRL). Katie Page has been a constant supporter of women. She believes that through proper motivation and implementation of the resources, women can attain the world. She has started many organizations to help girls accomplish their dreams.

Kayla Itsines 

Kayla Itsines is an Australian personal trainer, author, and entrepreneur with a Greek heritage. She’s the author of the Bikini Body Guides fitness ebook collection and the Sweat with Kayla meal-planning and exercise app. You will get wonder that Sweat with Kayla made more money than any other fitness app in 2016. The Sweat with Kayla app launched in 2015 with my BBG program. Within a year of release, it reached #1 in the App Store in more than 142 countries. In 2015, she embarked on a world tour, the “Kayla Itsines Bootcamp World Tour,” leading free group fitness classes. The tour included Australia’s capital cities, New York City, Los Angeles, and London.

Kayla Itsines is an excellent example of how you can use Apps to launch your business and potentially earn millions.

Catriona Wallace

Dr. Catriona Wallace is an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning entrepreneur. Catriona is also recognized as a leading blogger, lecturer, and adviser on Responsible Technologies, Ethics, and the Future of Employment around the world. Dr. Wallace is the founder of Flamingo AI, a machine-learning corporation with offices in New York, and the CEO of an Ethical AI Advisory consultancy firm.

Naomi Milgrom

Naomi Milgrom AC is a globally recognized Australian business leader, philanthropist, and patron who is known for fostering cultural creativity and creative excellence. She is known for leading active partnerships with government, industry, and non-profit partners, with an emphasis on ambitious initiatives that involve communities and create social, economic, and environmental impact. She has a foundation named Naomi Milgrom Foundation dedicated to bringing exceptional art, architecture, and design to Australians’ lives. 

Final Verdict

Although thousands of women deserve to be honored for their successes, we’ve picked a few famous female entrepreneurs who are smashing it in 2021.  So far, not only are men dominating today’s business world, but many women have built their successful identity within their strategy. The way the world moves forward with the people full of intelligence, mindful of innovation, is already transparent that bunches of entrepreneurs will rule globally to build a new era very soon,  and women will be the unique part with unique creations. 

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