How To Become Boss Over Emotion And Take Control Of Life

Emotion!!! Who doesn’t have emotion?

Emotion contains in everyone whether it’s an animal or a human being.

You may think that even animals can have emotion, it must be the part of human beings. Let me clear you with a simple example.

Can you remember the sudden death of Bollywood actor Shushant Sing Rajput?

He had a black dog and one or two videos of that dog went viral it didn’t stop crying after its master Shushant’s death and it also stayed away from having food even only for his lovely master.

So, it’s now pretty clear that emotion belongs to everyone else. I can exemplify you a lot more but today I’ll be talking about human beings’ emotions.

Personally, as I’m an animal lover, so I’ll share with you animals’ emotions someday.

But very first I request you from my heart, dear human master your emotions!

It is nothing but a kind of mental state combined with feelings, thinking, physiological differences, attitudes and expressive behaviours and a combination of happiness and sorrow. There is not any scientific certain explanation/definition regarding emotion.

Differences Between  Emotion and Feeling

A huge amount of individuals make themselves confused about emotions and feelings, they like to assume that both of them are the same things or the outcomes are the same but it’s not right. Let me clear this issue properly.

Emotions :

Emotion is the calm and quiet level of responding that creates two different reactions which are electrical and biochemical in the body which can change its physical state.


Feelings are something which is the interpretation of emotion, they are organized by day by day experiences of everyone’s life, thinking and beliefs.

So, if you want to make this thing easier, you need to choose the experience coming to you and try to accept it for what you are, if you don’t, then try to resist it, reframe it, then go ahead.

Jonathan Martensson — “Emotions are much like waves, we can’t stop them from coming but we can choose which one to surf.”

Are you aware of what is able to master your emotions?

It’s said that how we like to respond to what occurs in our daily life is by determining the outcomes we would see in our lives.

Taking responsibilities also makes you move in every chore of life. 

This thing makes you able to manage every situation effectively and that will allow you to serve the nation with positive vibes.

The people who are with limiting emotions that we are to face on daily basis can give us necessary guidelines by which we may make decisions that might be impactful throughout the day.

First of all, we need to take a look at typical negative emotions that we are to face every day and try to see them from helpful and unique perspectives. We may also maintain the rules and regulations in a different way to transform our emotional state.

Now I am going to provide you with something by which you can effectively maintain your state of emotion on a daily basis that help you to serve the nation.

Maintaining some highlighted emotional types on your own:

First of all, we may take some time to discuss some emotions which we experience our entire lives.

Before getting into the description of each emotional state, it’s vital to know as well as understand that these are just a signal of your conscious brain but if anyone doesn’t work as per its function, there you should be aware to recover from that state.

Lastly, I will be describing which emotions, are the outcome of stuck states we are to carry with our entire day. These stuck-states are organized by individuals and circumstances which have their own words, thymes, psychological responses etc.

 They have a kind of flavour seeking technical matter that whenever things don’t respond to us as per our expectations.

Now let’s breakdown these emotional states:


Discomfort comes from distress, impatience or embarrassment.

You are feeling discomfort because your surroundings don’t permit you to be comfortable which you are used to expecting to have.

There means the moment you change your movement from one place to another or you change your mindset you acquire control over your emotional state.

If you ever face the emotion of discomfort, point to be noted that you need to be aware of working like what you are thinking about or what you are doing, if you don’t get the ultimate outcome that you expected just change the track as well as your attitudes too.

If you aren’t able to handle the change then don’t need to be panicked, change the objective thoughts regarding that situation.

Meanwhile, you will be able to get the answer from your mind that what should be done in this particular situation, which will help you push yourself.

For instance, you somehow get bored, then try something doing unusual that you don’t do regular basis, this unique attempt can give you a vibe of going ahead.


A very debilitating emotion is fear which is able to provide indecision, worry, anxiety.

You are feeling fear because where you are in, that circumstance is able to, for the particular time being, make you feel fear.

This fear may make you feel confused about your future decision or action. To remove fear from you, you can do one thing that thinks the real thing that is happening and starts ignoring it in your imagination.


When one person gets hurt, definitely there is something lost or a matter of jealousy.

Whenever you lose something you like or love, you get hurt or when your opponent acquires anything precious that time also feels hurt.

To remove this emotional state, just do one thing, try to make yourself generous as whatever happens, you can accept it with a smiley face.


The feeling of anger may destroy control of own. By feeling anger we don’t understand anything in the right way. 

For this feeling, we may misbehave to others which we regret later. So, remove anger, you need to be aware of yourself that which or what situation makes you angry, be careful about making reactions to that situation, just start to be calm and quiet facing that awkward situation. 

I would like to suggest you read master your emotions book to overcome negativity and from this book, you’ll get a better insight into managing your feelings.


Guilt feelings come from one’s regrets. Whether you make a mistake internationally or not, you may not aware that it’s your mistake but passing a certain amount of time you feel guilty which is able to destroy you silently.

So, recovering from feeling guilty, you may fix what’s actually your expectation, then collect proper information regarding that and then work hard for achieving that and always try to feel free to express yourself.

Frustration :

Frustration is one of the feelings which doesn’t let us feel free to express ourselves. 

It always makes our minds gloomy, so that we remain tense about the pain we gain from anything else.

You are feeling frustrated because you are trying to get the outcomes from your innovative works but don’t get gloomy later from your surroundings.

You have to think out of the box to get relief from frustration. Try to embrace yourself with nature and surroundings with curiosity and a flexible approach.

Loneliness :

To others, loneliness might be a lame matter in this competitive world. 

People like to say that it’s not a big deal, you never have any problem or it can’t be any type of problem etc.

But it might create mental problems which are undeniable. somehow, you are in crisis which may make you go towards depression, At that time you may realize from your circumstances that you don’t have people even your parents beside you. 

This situation is called the feeling of loneliness which is the beginning step of getting depression.

To remove this loneliness, just find out some loyal ones like your friend, actually, the irony of the fact is that you can never get any humble one when you are in crisis but I have something to share with my lovely individuals. that’s to have pets.

Yes!! You heard that right. psychiatrists from a few years ago have been inspiring that to pet whatever they like as well as love and get busy with that.

By following this idea, you will be able to benefit in 2 ways.

1. You will get detached from loneliness.

2. Love for nature will be developed in you.

Now for me, it’s the time to share with you those ideas by which you will become the Boss of your emotions……

1. Try To Maintain Good Health and Shape Of The Body:

If you want to master your emotions, then you need to maintain your health and body. 

If you feel weak in your body, automatically it’s not possible to control your emotions.

So, start having healthy foods which have the highest nutrition and are able to spread out energy in the body as well as start doing exercises to get a good shape. 

By fighting laziness you will be able to get good health and an attractive body and besides you start getting control over your emotions.

2. Be Aware of Your Emotions:

You need to be focused on yourself in short, first of all just know yourself. Start finding out from which you get gloomy or happy.

You have to detach yourself from those who make you sad. Always command yourself that “Nothing can break me down, nobody will get a single chance to give pain in my mind”

By giving your mind this command, you will get a kind of energy in your mind and that will give you relaxation in your emotions too.

3. Gain New Concepts:

getting control of your emotions, you need to be a good collector.

Daily experiences will help you to get new ideas by which you may counter your worse emotions. And by collecting innovative ideas you can reframe yourself, deconstruct your emotions.

4. Keep Track of Positive  Experiences:

On a daily basis, you are getting new experiences as well as ideas that are able to help you take to control your emotions. 

You can write them down in your notebook so you can utilize them in future and you can be proactive forever. 

It’s not right though that once you get relief from frustration or depression then it will never come back, No, it’s not that type of easy. 

For having always positive vibes you need to be tracking your positive experiences.

5. Reframe and Reconstruct Your Emotions :

To master your emotions you need to rethink yourself, change your lifestyle as well as have to change the way of looking at the world that you have been seeing since your childhood.

By thinking in different ways you may get the energy to reconstruct your emotions, which may give you relaxation from your negative circumstances. 

So, once your mind gets gloomy, just be careful about yourself, you have to start your new journey by reframing and reconstructing your emotions.

6. Keep A Mood Journal:

By writing down new experiences, what your emotions going on, what’s happening in your mind, which type of responses you are getting from emotions as well as surroundings.

Writing down your feelings day by day helps you recognize or specify your mental condition and it would reflect more deeply.

7. Take A Deep Breath:

I read a lot of books regarding emotions, mental health from where I got a number of innovative ideas to take control over emotions and one of the easiest ideas is to take deep breaths which are more than powerful to get relaxed.

You need to be taking deep breaths regularly by which you get a fresh mind and relaxed body. 

Taking a deep breath contains a rule.

First, you inhale air in your full chest and hold it for a while, then release it slowly as possible you can.

8. Continue Meditation:

If you practice meditation already, that means you are always one step remain ahead of others by which you can definitely control your body even nerves as well as emotions.

It can help you develop an awareness of all feelings and experiences.

You can treat yourself in a positive way and will be able to take full control of your emotions and can accept all types of surroundings.

Meditation can teach you to increase all types of acceptance skills and offers benefits like helping you get to relax and better sleep.

Final Verdict

Finally, in summary, already I have shared with you each and every thought regarding taking control over emotions. By following and maintaining regularly above mentioned tricks, you may become the ultimate Boss of your emotions and can take full control of your circumstances.

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