How I Spend A Day To Get Perfect Content Ideas

What can be a great day to spend with some creativity hunt?

I know If you are truly creative you don’t need to hunt others’ ideas, But sometimes you have to hunt for the trend and the statistic of growth. 

The phase of the following someone can make you better every day. You should follow to get better ideas, better habit follows up, and lots! However,  Don’t make mistake between ‘Follow’ & ‘Copy’

Both are meant parallelly!

Maybe This Year I got most of the good things in my life. Every day I got better, every day I feel better and every day I learned things that make me fly high financially and mentally!

I have chosen my career with a little bit of twist but I’m happy to spend a life like this. Never thought that life can be so much easy with proper direction.

It’s a sunny day and I’m writing up something after a long break! 

Just ended with a new month of 2021 and spent the month with lots of new types of work. Learning different things every day.

Jumping with new things is not always easy to catch and suddenly I felt that my life cycle has changed a lot before.

Though I’m staying up with a new lifestyle and made some new habits to spend a day getting perfect blog ideas for my social media, blog post, and even for my clients’ work.

So, I’ll share with You My own Experience of how I spend a day to get perfect Content Ideas.

First Hit The Morning With Nature

Perfect Content Ideas

Maybe a silly one for somebody but it works like a miracle for me. After waking up in the morning I never put the phone in my hand.

A big NO to my phone after opening my eyes!

Before every small thing, I motivate myself from nature. 

So I take a deep breath, go for a little walk inside my home and then keep looking on my plants are growing or not, the flowers are blooming or not even I look at the sky and try to find out is it going to rain today?

So I first hit my morning with the simple vibe of nature. Whenever I keep myself closer to nature I got more positivity over everything!

Checking My 2 Email Account On A Regular Basis

Perfect Content Ideas

I never skip a day without checking emails I get from different websites, companies, clients, or others.

During my breakfast or after breakfast I check my email and even check it before sleep!

It’s quite rare that I skipped any important mail on a day.

Most importantly I always checked the mail I’ve got from the website or the business site I subscribed to to check the pattern of content they send to their subscriber. 

This one helped me a lot to learn the perfect email marketing and the improvement I need to do so far.

Search For Trendy Topic From Different Platform

Searching for a thing on the internet is not that easy. The hardest part for a content strategist is to find out the trendy topic or trendy keyword from the internet.

Because there is no end of topics around you. Suppose you’re searching for how you can make espresso coffee within 2 minutes, on the other hand, your husband is searching for how to fix an electric oven. 

The topic of search, interest, solutions is far far different from each other!

So, before listing down for which topic I‘ll cover for my own blog or my clients’ project I have to find out the trendy topic from different sites.

Here are some platforms where I got topic ideas or Content ideas that need to write up anytime:

  1. Google Trend
  2. Google News
  3. Quora
  4. Answer The Public
  5. Pinterest
  6. Youtube
  7. General Communication To A person or A Group!

How I Organize My Work For Different Client?

If topic searching is hard then organizing works for each client is harder than anything else!

Your physical and mental condition will not be the same as always. The life cycle can be changed at any time, your mental situation not gonna support you to work for 24hours.

Be very very honest…. Most of the time I feel lazy to complete my extra work! Handling lots of clients are not going to be your achievement, but handling your process of work will give you thousands of achievements.

If you grab 5 to 6 clients’ work but can’t keep the consistency on work maybe this is the sad time to lose everyone. 

Though I’m a lazy person I try to keep myself organized, keep my all work report, files, and other credentials on point so that I can share the updates anytime with them. 

No Work within the deadline is ok, but at least we should inform the person or the organization about what’s going on!

So, for organizing my work I use the things on everyday purpose are-

Google doc: For storing each of content separate from the name of client/ organization.

Google Excel: keeping all the links of my our, resources that I need to follow for a particular task, blog post topic and ideas, Schedule & reports, and many more!

Research.Study.Execute with Your Unique Writing

Becoming a professional writer is not a child game. Sometimes too much painful sometimes you need to be on point. I can remember that a long time ago one of my clients wasn’t happy after getting the result of a task that he was given to me.

I updated the writing, the tone, and everything for almost 1 month. 

So if you think writing is an easy game, sometimes you need to know from scratch too…

Firstly you have to listen to your client about what she/he wants from you.

Secondly, know the target audiences against your article, copywriting of the script.

Then research, research and research until you’ve got the perfect ideas for the writing.

Organizing your ideas into your creative works is everything. 

Note down each of your ideas and then execute with the better way that may rock your floor!

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