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I’ve wanted to be a writer almost since I learned to read. I love to write my thought with different tone that people love to read. I believe that i already got a power to motivate people to practice wellness, transform their life and dream big everyday. If you already here to know about me,  a warmest welcome as you here to discover, how amazing am I!
I’m a full-time Content Strategist, love to cook yummy foods and connecting people to build a great network! I believe storytelling is powerful magic. It inspires, motivates, and yes—it even creates the sales you dream of.
As a content strategist i love to tell your brand story in a way that helps your perfect customer find you.


You’ve built a business like no one else’s. I’ll make sure your copy stands out, too. You know how to write—but your best efforts aren’t making a dent in your sales goals. The internet is a crowded place, and it takes more than a knack for the written word to get noticed.

My sole focus is on creating captivating, effective copy that converts cold leads into happy customers.

Let’s get started. I’m ready when you are……..

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Check Out A Small Sampling Of My Work

Content Development For Product Page

Working with this ecommerce business is my most progressive project.  I’m still working here as a content strategist and everyday i have to develop new product page, make collection and optimize oldest product to increase conversion rate. The target audiences are from USA and the core product of Engraved Giftsly is Jewelry!

Blog That Ranked On Google

I Was the Author of Grow With Hemi for 1 Year and Wrote More Than 15 Blogs. Most of Those Are in either first page or second page in Google and also i wrote those to motivate people to start digital business.

Website Content For A Leading Digital Agency

The Virtual Campground wanted something exclusive out of the box! Leadon is a performance marketing organization driving with world-class Individual experts. In this Platform, you’ll find Everything you’d expect from social media management to full-stack marketing solutions. 

Web Copy for A Startup Agency

The client wanted to start his digital business with a circle of audiences who want to start their business internationally and from the very beginning they wanted to keep their site SEO friendly, Audience-oriented and the copy that express their business itself!

Conversion Copy For Australian Influencer

I was really happy to work with this bravo client! She is an Australian influencer & also a cancer survivor. She wanted to help people to transform their life with great opportunities.

Sales Funnel Copy for Seth Greene

Seth Greene is the Founder of Market Domination LLC and an eight-time bestselling author. He run the SharkPreneur Podcast with Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank, ranked #6 among top podcasts to listen to by Nasdaq.

Landing Page Copy For An Entrepreneur

The motive for create this landing page was innovative! Hemi Hossain wanted to build a community who has a great concept that can turn into cash flow. Your any idea can turn into profit producing machine if you get proven roadmap! 

Ad Copy For Entrepreneurship

Digital Entrepreneur Hub is a platform to transform digitally. Basically the copy was to target people who want to quit their 9-5 job and build their own business to become their own BOSS!

Ad Copy For eCommerce Business

This Ad copy was the most hyped one for my client! He told me later that it helped him to sale his product perfectly and those are the successful campaign so far!

"FREE" PDF Book Download Email From Dean Library

Hemi hossain, the top entrepreneur and coach in Australia & Bangladesh has a best selling Book in Amazon. He wanted to send a email to his audience who want to download and read the Book “Fire Your Boss” from Dean Library.

Technical Content For Digital Coach

I had the author access for Grow With Hemi website and worked for 1 year with his multiple projects. This blog is my always favorite as i love to know the uses of different marketing & technical tools.

Travel Blog For An International Client

Anna is an international client who is passionate and loves to travel. At a young age, she made lots of significant steps into the world. She wants to share more about her travel experiences and help everyone share her experiences too!

Travel Blog For Youngest, International Client

Anna is an international client who is passionate and loves to travel. At a young age, she made lots of significant steps into the world. She wants to share more about her travel experiences and help everyone share her experiences too!

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Web Copy for Regular Client

Author of A Kitchen Site

Photo Editing Website Content

Abandoned Email Flow

Retargeting Email Copy

Mega Workshop Reminder Email Copy

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Maryam Sultana
Maryam Sultana

Lost for words? Let me help you out!
Food enthusiast, warrior, and a good soul. I create engaging, impactful copy adaptable to your needs. The proof is in the reading so scroll down for a selection of my work.

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