Dean Jackson 9 Word Email Hack That Engage Dead Leads In 2021

How Many of you running your business for a long time and didn’t even know to maintain dead leads? even ever hear about 9 word email?

I think I’ll find much more than my imagination.

We’re still hunting for clients and traditionally driving our business. Though maximum people are nowadays trying to improve their lackings because they still want to run a long way with this digital world. Did you ever wonder why your leads never response through your email that actually written by any high-demand email creator?

Shocked! Right?

How about if I say the email you sent to your leads the format was totally WRONG! The content format is wrong!

Yes! Your retargeting, your greetings everything can affect your audience. If you can’t improve those you’re really going to sink with your business.
So how can you save your business?

Dean Jackson’s 9-word email format can save your life, can retarget your dead leads.

But how? And what actually 9 word email means?

Here I’ll share each of the secrets about dean Jackson 9 word email that will help you to run any kind of digital business with more success.

Let’s dig into the details!

Who is Dean Jackson?

Dean Jackson is a successful real estate entrepreneur and online marketer. He falls in love with marketing when he was young and realized that selling stuff on commission is way easier than renting himself out by the hour for a regular job.

Dean Jackson’s Proven 9-word Email Strategy

Dean Jackson is working for more than 17 years to help entrepreneurs and realtors make more money and grow their businesses successfully. He’s the owner of NewInformation and Co-Founder of 90-Minute Books.

He claimed that retargeting an audience is sometimes easier with a subject line with just the recipient’s name and a body with one-line or 9-word questions is all you need to engage.

That’s It!

For example:

You own a native brand but at the same time, you want to grow it fast. You’re offering a giveaway and start collecting some leads. 

Out of 100, you find only 7 are interested. Now, what will you do with the rest of those people who didn’t show their interest for the very first?

You’ve to retarget them over phone calls or Emails.

A statistic says that email is the more professional way to handle any clients or any audience.

So how you can retarget them following dean Jackson’s 9-word email?

Here’s some example of how you can hit the email to your dead leads!

Inside the email, the body starts with a line with questions that really hook someone!

“Are you still looking for a brand new shoes?”

“Have You Made any decision to Buy this Shoe?”

“Are You Looking For A Matched yellow shoe with your brand new white dress?”

A Whole Statement About 9 Word Email

In an episode of “I Love Marketing with Dean Jackson and Joe Polish” you will going to discover that amazing 9-word email mastery format actually can save a real business owner and that will engage with reply!!

This simple action against your dead leads actually can work!

With Dean Jackson’s 9 Word Email Retarget Dead Leads

You can see that Dean Jackson Claimed with a pretty straightforward and easy process of this email setup. 

Still adding 9 words with some questions you should add value to your dead leads. However, I’m adding some strategies that can help you to grow more.

Address Your Recipient Directly: To outreach your marketing and make your leads more valuable you should address your recipient inside the subject line with the first name. But address him or her only once!

Start with A-Seeking Question: Start the email body as if she or he is searching for that kind of service! Avoid Adding Unneccesary things inside the email body that can bore them instead of interest!

Make the email’s Purpose to retarget, not to make instant Sales: Keep your email beneficial to your client, keep it as clean as possible. Remember one thing that you’re retargeting them to re-engage for your service!

Add Greetings That Melt Their Heart With Joy: Keep your voice tone More specific to your audience as you’re talking to them directly. Greet them with powerful word that makes happy whenever they’re going to read your email

Attach PDF or Customized Image: Audiences are more interested when they see attracting images inside an email. Try to attach any images and any pdf with a great value!

Final Verdict

Growing a brand is not always easy. Without dean Jackson’s 9-word email strategy there are more to reach and engage your dead leads. If you want to grow with vast success in your life with your own brand, you have to retarget your leads again and again!

Suppose you’re subscribing to any big organization’s website, they will continuously retarget you through interesting emails! If you don’t believe in my statement, check your email inbox and spam folder….. There is a lot of emails in the corner of your email box.

Whenever you will show them your interest they will definitely start valuing their audience. 

So, if any startups or new businesses want to drive success fast through email marketing they should start with the 9-word email strategy.

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