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Carry minimal and rock the world with less. Less financial burden and cut off unnecessary expenses

Wake up everyday with a new vibe, be productive and make unbeatable growth in your life

Your strategic approach can turn any content 100% sales-driven. Learn the secrets from me!

I love to embrace the world, nature, the sea, and the mountains. Look how I made those happen!

Life is all about styling up with beauty, your growth is the main key!
Stay Blessed!

Hungry?? Need recipes? Look what I made every day with the ingredient I found randomly in my kitchen!

HEY, I’M Maryam

I’m a Copywrite blogger, content developer & Strategist, and Copywrite instructor. I started my career as a Front-End Developer and Somehow I never enjoyed that profession –you can say, I’m a bad programmer, that doesn’t mean I’m discouraging others who belong in this profession. I eagerly wait to create something else!

I always believe that I’m a good writer. So initially I applied for content writing and I got rejected from my first company where I applied as a content writer, and that day I pushed myself more than ever!!! I challenged that I’ll improve myself and will be successful in my life one day. I don’t care this success will come after 1 year or 10 years, but I definitely will achieve my goal.

And the result was unbelievable❗

After only 15 days, I got a project and work for a USA company that gave me the chance of becoming a part of their company. That chance opened my luck! I earned $100 just from my very first 3 Blogs, And now I work with my full freedom as an SEO Content Specialist in a leading company both in Bangladesh, USA, Australia, and I’ve earned more than my imagination. The Exciting fact is, I’m doing my work now from home. 

However, as a Content Specialist I create my thoughts, write them up and I keep my full focus on “Client Expectation & Target Audience.” But there is more…..

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Ready To Pick Your Work Freedom Without Working 24/7?

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